Two Different Range Of Motor Cycle Helmet Heads Up

Before you hit the road, the most important thing is to be fully prepared, you should have your license and if you are riding a motor cycle then have a helmet is must for you and there is no doubt about that. If you ride your motor bike without a helmet, then you are diving yourself in to a really dangerous position and it can be a matter of lifetime as well, some people do not take it seriously and do not wear a helmet and take it as a joke, but a lot of people have suffered because of this. So, keep this is your mind that whenever you ride a motor bike, you will take your helmet with you.

So, if you own a bike then you should definitely own a helmet as well, but do you know about a helmet head up? It is really useful and must to have for a person who loves to ride a bike. So, if you are looking for one right now then let me help you. Here are few of the best motor cycle helmet heads up, which you should look before you buy one for yourself and if you want to know more about helmets and all then you should visit this website, Have a look;

  • Kivic HUD 2nd Generation Head Up Display:

People have given 3 out of 4 stars to this one, it comes with a 10 inch display screen, which is crystal clear so that one can see it easily. It can be connected to both; iOS and Android, you can connect it with your smartphone without any wires and can help yourself with the location and everything. As compared to other heads up, this one is slightly cheaper, it costs $195 and with this amount, I think it is worth it.

  • NUVIZ – Motorcycle Head-Up Display:

This helmet heads up is ten times more expensive than the one mentioned above, the price of this heads up is around $700 and it comes with a lot of features as well. It has a built-in camera and a music system, and the camera is of high quality, it can shoot in HD and can also take stills. It is extremely easy to use and can be used on iOS and on Android both.

So, these are the two heads up display motorcycle helmets from different ranges, one is affordable and the other one I quite expensive but with latest technology. So, it depends on you, that which one do you want to go for but you should definitely buy one as it will make navigation a lot easier for you.